Wallet Card Counter Display

May Love Unlimited Publishers serve your store a retail display of fast selling, multi-colored, love, inspirational, or recovery wallet cards? display.gif

This beautiful 36 pocket display is sure to fill your cash register's tummy quickly, constantly, and effortlessly with cash. Each display is made of heavy duty Lucite plastic and holds 36 different card titles (25 cards of each title).

The display measures 9 1/2 inches square by 16 inches tall and takes up 11 inches of counter space. The retail display comes prepackaged with 900 cards (36 pkgs. of 25) of love & friendship, inspiration, or recovery and a bonus 150 cards (6 pkgs. of 25).

To view our full selection of Wallet Cards, please visit our showcase. To order our wholesale catalog ($11.95 refundable on your first order), fill out our catalog request form and mail with your payment to Love Unlimited Publishers, or order our catalog on-line using your MasterCard or Visa!

Complete Wholesale Catalog $11.95
Catalog Price of $11.95 is refundable on your first order.

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