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Our Mission is to create and publish: Wallet Cards, Bookmarks, Posters, Refrigerator Magnets and Calling Cards that carry a message of love, friendship, inspiration or 12 step recovery.

What is a wallet card? A wallet card is a 2" x 3 1/4" colorful sturdy plastic card that may be carried in one's wallet as a "reminder" of what ever the wallet card's powerful message might say.

What some people do with our wallet cards: Give them to loved ones, including people they sponsor. Put them in lunch bags, use them as "giveaways" at seminars. Put them in greeting cards that they give. Give them to children.

We supply: 12 Step, Inspirational, and Self Help Groups throughout the world with small affordable plastic coated "daily reminders" of spiritual fulfillment and uplifting messages.

We will sub-contract to laminate your products: Reasonable prices... fast turn around time... quality work... E-Mail us or call or fax for price quotes. (707) 441-1313

Our Products: Are all guaranteed

We publish positive 12-step recovery, inspirational daily "reminders" that remind us that living our lives one day at a time, really does work if we work it.

Simply speaking… our products help heal the world, and sometimes bring about a smile or two.

We are looking for sales representatives to sell our fine products. Please e-mail us or call our office @ (707) 441-1313 to see if you qualify or Fax us at (707) 441-1313.

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